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Moving House Tips

‘20 Handy Tips To Make Moving easy’

Most people dread moving. Packing, organizing, transporting, attempting to find good help — the whole process can seem daunting, but if you use these tips and tricks, moving day might be a lot easier for you. Happy packing!

1. Get Handy, and get your moving boxes from us

Have a piece of mind move and pre-order moving boxes from us. You can do this on our website and have the boxes sent to you before you move! This will help you move your stuff easier.

2. Purge your stuff

Now that you’re sorting through all your things, it’s a perfect time to see what can be donated or chucked altogether! Make a decent effort at decluttering as you will have an easier move and a nicer less cluttered new home.

3. Create a schedule so you don’t get overwhelmed

Book ahead and plan ahead! If you need to travel a long distance don’t forget to defrost, towel dry, and clean your fridge 24-48 hours before moving day. Otherwise, you will arrive with a nasty smell.

4. Take pictures of your electronics before you unplug

Before you disconnect your electronics take a photo of how they are set up. This is particularly important if you aren’t good with technology and will save you money you would have spent on calling someone out.

5. Put hanging clothes in rubbish bags

Keep all of the clothes on their hangers and simply wrap them up in a blag/plastic rubbish bag. It’s a good idea to tape or cable tie the top of the coat hanger so it stays together. Remember to label everyones stuff!

6. Pack a first-night bag

When you get to the otherside the last thing you’re going to want to do is look through boxes and boxes of things to find your toothbrush. Pack everything you need for the first night in your new home in a bag. This can be from snacks, clothes, toiletries and anything else you might want to access easily.

7. Safely pack your plates

Since they’re already plate-shaped, foam paper plates are handy for packing your real plates. Place them in between each plate in the stack before you pack it up. Plus, you can totally class up the cheap comfort food you’ll want to get after you’ve finally unpacked your last box.

8. Keep contents inside your drawers.

You do not need to unpack your drawers with clothes and other things in them. Simple remove the drawers with the stuff in and transport each drawer and then the framing separately. This will save your back!

9. Use Wine Cases For Your Glassware

There’s bound to be a local bar, winery, or even some grocery stores that have empty wine cases you can snag or if you’re a really enthusiastic wine drinker yourself. This really helps you keep your glassware organised and ready for a drink when you finish on the otherside!

10. Don’t Mix Items From Different Rooms

This one might be obvious but if you do think about doing. DON’T this will save you a major headache when your trying to find something.

12. How To Pack Jewelry

Egg Cartons are handy to transport jewelry safely. Tape them shut so nothing falls out! Also, use toilet paper rolls for packing necklaces or loose bracelets. Just put one end through the roll and fasten the clasp.

13. Keep Screws & Bolts Organized

If you have any furniture that needs to be dismantled. Remember to organise the screws and bolts. The best way to do it is with little zip lock bags, you can then label them with a sharpie.

14. Cut holes in sides of boxes for easy lifting

Using a box-cutter to cut triangle-shaped holes on either side of your heavier boxes will make them easier to lift and save your back from strain.

15. Use Plastic Storage Bins For Seasonal Items (Could we also drop ship these cameron?)

There is no point in dragging seasonal clothes on racks with you as this is just a waste of time. Store them in plastic bins and label them. This way you can put them away and bring them out when the seasons change.

16. Use Blankets and Pillows for fragiles

You don’t need as much packaging material as you think! There is all sorts of soft things that you have around your house. Use this to wrap up fragile items such as tv’s, computers and anything else that may break easily. This is also Environmentally friendly.

17. Color-code Your Labels

Black and white labels at a glance are hard to decipher. If each room has an allocated colour it will be much easier to organise the boxes together, not only in the moving truck but also in your new home when you arrive. This means your helpers will know where to put things.

18. Find something to keep your front door unlocked

When it comes to moving the boxes from your house to the moving truck, you will find it beneficial to keep your front door unlocked. Depending on where you live you will need to do this differently. If you can put a door stop on it this is the easiest way. Otherwise a rock or small heavy box should do the trick.

19. Keep ALL your liquids separate plastic bags

The last thing you want is your jiff leaking all through your boxes and making it impossible to lift. Remember to wrap each liquid up in SEPARATE bags this way if one leaks you dont ruin everything.

20. Pack With a Guide

We have a visual packing guide available for you to view, we recommend looking at this before packing a truck. This will save you time and effort.

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