Moving Equipments

Our range of trollies, blankets, and tie-downs will help make the big day less stressful. Simply add what you need to your booking and collect them at the same time you collect your vehicle.

Large Moving Kit

10 Moving Blankets, 10 Tie Downs, Trollys

Handys large moving kit is perfect for moving valuble or heavy items. Including 2 trolly’s, 10 moving blankets and 10 tie downs, this is perfect for a large sized move.

Small Moving Kit

Included on image

Handys small moving kit is perfect for moving valuble or heavy items. Including 1 trolly, 5 moving blankets and 5 tie downs, this is perfect for a small to medium sized move.

Specialised Trolly

Stair Climber, Heavy Duty, Box Trolly

Handy has 3 types of specialised trollys all for a specific purpose, we have a stairclimber which helps get heavy things up and down stairs seemlessly. We have a heavy duty trolly which carrys up to 250kg, and a box trolly, specifically built for carrying moving boxes.


Up to 150kg Load

Handy moving trollys are great if you want to give your back a break, best used for carrying stacks of boxes, heavy whiteware and a number of other heavy furniture items.

Handy Rentals – Helping New Zealand Move Since 1989!

Thousands of Kiwis have been driving Handy Rentals for over 30 years. We believe good old fashioned service with good quality, clean and tidy vehicles keeps our customers coming back year after year. In fact, 100% of our customers independently surveyed rate us as either excellent or outstanding, a fact we’re pretty chuffed about.

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