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FAQs | Handy Rentals

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a questions? We’re here to answer! If you don’t see your question here, drop us a line on our Contact page.

  • Do I need a special driver’s license to rent/drive a truck?

    Handy requires a full valid NZ, International or approved overseas driver’s licence to rent a vehicle. A full Car Drivers Licence is all that is required for most Handy vehicles.

  • Is there anything special I need to know before driving a truck?

    Driving a truck is different from driving a car. Please see  Ensuring a Safe Trip for safety tips you should follow.

  • Are there trucks/vans available with automatic transmission?

    Yes. We have a limited number of Vans and Trucks available. Bookings are essential.

  • What is the minimum age requirement for renting?

    21 years. (between age 21 and 25yrs conditions apply)

  • What happens if my truck breaks down?

    In the unlikely event you encounter an emergency, you can call for 24 Hour Emergency Roadside Assistance.

  • What happens if I change moving dates?

    Simply call us in advance and we’ll make every effort to accommodate your needs.

  • Does Handy offer insurance to cover damage to or loss of the vehicle?

    Yes. This insurance is included in the cost of the hire. Vehicles are covered by full comprehensive insurance with an excess payable. This excess may be reduced with an additional payment.

  • Does Handy offer insurance to cover damage to or loss of personal belongings?

    No. This is your responsibility.

  • Can I purchase packaging supplies from Handy?

    You can purchase a variety of packing supplies from some Handy locations at reasonable prices.

  • I’m moving house/flats, what size vehicle do I need?

    Average Flat-Jumbo Van (7cM) or Light Truck (10Cubic Meters)
    1 Bedroom House-Light Truck (10Cubic Meters)
    2 Bedroom House-Medium Truck (15Cubic Meters)
    3 Bedroom House-Large Truck (18Cubic Meters)
    4 Bedroom House-Large Truck (However you may need to make two trips)

  • I need to move large item.

    We have a range of Vans, Utes and Trucks that can accommodate most large or unusual items.

  • I need to pick up some soil/compost for my garden.

    We have a two tonne capacity tip truck available for this purpose. Bookings are essential.

    Note: This is not available at all locations, request a quote or call your nearest Handy office to confirm.

  • I have a load to take to the Tip.

    We have a Hilux and Flat Deck Utes with a tipping deck available for this purpose. Bookings are essential.

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