Advantages of Using a Box Truck for Moving House

12 May 2021

Top 15 advantages of hiring a furniture truck for moving house from Handy Rentals

  1. Various hiring locations around New Zealand
  2. Multiple sizes to suit your need
  3. Extensive features
  4. Well maintained and serviced vehicles
  5. Ferry hooks
  6. Tail lifts
  7. Moving Supplies
  8. Moving Labor
  9. Insurance options to reduce excess
  10. Detailed Customer briefing
  11. Extensive cleaning procedures
  12. Complete transparency with customers
  13. Guarantee of rental 
  14. Flexibility to cancel
  15. Affordable Rates

Moving house is tough, plus the costs are overwhelming. It’s even more crazy in New Zealand because the weather especially in Wellington is highly unpredictable. There are several reasons why people go for box trucks to move furniture. Here are some reasons you want to consider using Handy Rentals furniture trucks for moving house.

Various hiring locations around New Zealand

Whether you are travelling from Wellington to Christchurh or Dunedin to Hamilton or just moving locally, Handy Rentals is around. We cover most of the prominent New Zealand locations. We have the best furniture trucks and Cargo Vans meant for moving houses in Wellington, Upper Hutt, Palmerston North, Hamilton, Tauranga, Nelson, & Dunedin.

Multiple sizes to suit your need

It can be hard at times to decide which vehicle is right for you when moving house. Here is a detailed blog that can help you decide which vehicle to hire for moving house. Handy Rentals trucks and Cargo Vans come in different sizes to suit the needs of our customers. We have Cargo Vans ranging from 6 to 10 cubic meters and trucks ranging from 12’ cubic meters to 23 cubic meters with a load capacity of 2 tons on each of these box trucks.

Small Cargo VanMedium Cargo VanLarge Cargo Van
Size: 6 cubic metersSize: 7 cubic metersSize: 10 cubic meters
Height: 1.3 metersHeight: 1.5 metersHeight: 1.6 meters
Length: 2.8 metersLength: 2.8 metersLength: 3.45 meters
Width: 1.5 metersWidth: 1.5 metersWidth: 1.7 meters
Accommodates a double bed easily with a bit extraAccommodates a queen/king bed easily with a bit extraAccommodates 1 bedroom house stuff
Automatic & ManualAutomatic & ManualAutomatic & Manual

Handy Trucks Average Dimensions and Capacity

Small TruckMedium TruckLarge Truck
Size: 12-14 cubic metersSize: 14-16 cubic metersSize: 18-22 cubic meters
Height: 1.94 metersHeight: 2.0 metersHeight: 2.4 meters
Length: 3.16 metersLength: 4.2 metersLength: 4.36 meters
Width: 1.70 metersWidth: 1.80 metersWidth: 1.95 meters
Load Capacity: 1500kg – 2000kgLoad Capacity: 1800-2100KGLoad Capacity: 1800-2100KG
Tail Lift load capacity: 400KGTail Lift load capacity: 400KGTail Lift load capacity: 400KG
Ideal for a 1 bedroom flat moveIdeal for a 2 bedroom flat/house moveIdeal for a 3 bedroom flat/house move
Automatic & ManualAutomatic & ManualAutomatic & Manual
Seats: 2 SeatsSeats: 3 SeatsSeats: 3 Seats
Fuel Type: DieselFuel Type: DieselFuel Type: Diesel
Licence: Class 1Licence: Class 1Licence: Class 1
  1. Extensive Features

One big worry when moving house is your own and your goods safety. Moreover, when driving a rental vehicle customers often worry how it would be to drive a rental vehicle. Is the vehicle going to be in good condition? What if it breaks down? Will it be easy to drive? Well, we understand all these customers’ worries and customers’ health & safety is of prime importance to us. Below are some of the features that our vehicles are equipped with.

  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance 
  • Backing Cameras
  • Automatic Transmission – Most of our vehicles are automatic, we do have few manual vehicles for people who prefer that.
  • Fuel efficiency: The auto start-stop feature turns off the engine whenever the truck idle for a prolonged period of time and restarts it automatically when needed. The working principle is simple. When the engine doesn’t run, it doesn’t consume fuel.
  • Overdrive Option: A safety feature to limit the speed of the vehicle while driving downhill
  • Safe storage container: The best part of using a box truck is goods safety.  Box trucks are way better than trailers  as they protect your goods from harsh weather conditions or any kind of theft.
  • Convenience: A tail lift on these trucks can lift upto 400 Kgs that makes the loading way easier. Moreover, if you have driven any standard vehicle it’s highly likely you’ll just be fine driving one of these. Just use your side mirrors, know where all your blinkers, buttons and blindspots are, and use the backing camera.
  • Tie down points: All of these trucks have tie down points that can be used to secure stuff inside such as a bike, fridge, or any other big stuff to keep it steady inside.
  1. Well maintained and serviced vehicles

All Handy Rentals, all our vehicles meet the maintenance requirement standards for commercial vehicles and they go through a cof every 3 months and also go through check after every drop off to ensure all controls are working as expected.

  1. Tail lifts

Most of our trucks come with a tail lift at the back that can go all the way to the surface level and would be able to lift upto 400 KGS to make it easier for you to load the stuff.  

  1. Ferry Hooks 

If you are traveling across islands our trucks are ready for that. Most of our trucks come equipped with ferry hooks and can be easily taken on a ferry. You get all the vehicle dimension details that you would need to book a ferry.

  1. Moving Supplies

One of the most important things you need when moving house is moving supplies. At Handy, we try to make it easy for our customers to plan their house move. You can book moving boxes, moving crates, trolleys, specialist trolleys, stair climbing trolleys, bubble wraps, blankets or even tie downs when you book a vehicle with us. You can also pick them a few weeks in advance of your moving date.

  1. Moving labor

If you hire a moving company, no wonder you would be charged a bomb. Moving the house yourself with a little bit of helping hand allows you to control everything. You can hire moving labor from Handy from 4 hours to up to 8 hours and they work as per your instructions.

  1. Insurance Options to reduce excess

All Handy vehicles come with a standard insurance with $3000 excess. However, we give our customers an option to reduce excess.

  • At $20 per day – You reduce excess to $1250
  • At $35 per day – You reduce excess to $500
  • At $60 per day – You reduce excess to $0
  1. Detailed Customer briefing

Our first priority is ensuring our customers are safe and comfortable driving our vehicles. To achieve this, we have a thorough briefing process where we explain in detail how to use the truck, explain every control, show how to use the tail lift, and give all important driving instructions.

  1. Detailed cleaning procedures

Our staff thoroughly cleans and sanitizes all vehicles as an ongoing practise after every hire to ensure the next customer gets a clean vehicle.

  1. Complete transparency

At Handy Rentals we are fully transparent in issue handling and damage scenarios. To keep everything transparent between both the customer and us, we al ways ensure to take the vehicle’s pictures in their presence and send them right away while they pick up the vehicle from us.

  1. Guarantee of rental 

 Once you have booked a vehicle with Handy Rentals we assure to keep everything ready by your arrival. We ensure the vehicle is clean, maintained and ready by the pick up time.

  1. Flexibility to cancel

We provide our customers with the flexibility to cancel the booking 48 hours before pick up without any charges. However, we do charge cancellation if it happens within 48 hours of pick up.

  1. Affordable hire rates

It’s important to pay attention to your budget during a move. Handy Rentals has been operating in New Zealand since 1965 and we have been the one of best options when it comes as per our customers. Our truck rentals start at just $29 per hour, plus mileage and a $250 refundable bond. If you have a long-distance move, we do have some special prices for long term hires. 

If you want to know more about our prices, just dial 0800 47 48 49 and speak to one of our vehicle experts who would be able to give you a great deal.

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