What Vehicle to hire for Moving House?

17 November 2020

Many of our customers ask this question. So we decided to come up with a blog to answer most of your questions.

1. Question 1 (The big one): What vehicle should I hire for moving house?

To be honest, it’s not a simple one to answer – we often see our customers underestimating how much stuff they have. The simplest and quickest way to start with this is to make a list of all bulky items in your house like beds (no of beds along with their size), furniture, heavy electricals, large showpieces etc. It is very likely that you would feel you have less items and assume you can fit it all in a small truck.

Now a few sample lists along with a mapping of what truck is best for you. This information is purely based on our experience with our customers.

Sample SizeMatching Vehicle
-> 3 Bedroom House
1. 2 King Size Beds + Kids Bed
2. 3 Wardrobes
3. Dining Table
4. Washing Machine + Dryer
5. Fridge
6. Electricals – TV, Music System
Pick a large truck, if you do not want multiple trips. Moreover, estimate the kilometer cost as every rental would have different kilometer rates. Also, consider a truck with a automated tail lift as it can lift up items as heavy as 400 kgs. But if it’s a small distance and you can make a few trips, even a small truck would suffice and you wont end up paying a lot of kilometer charges.
Size: The largest of our trucks are 18 to 20 cubic meters cargo area and average 4.36m long, 1.95m high, 2.07m wide.
-> 2 Bedroom House
. 2 king size beds + kids bed
2. 3 Wardrobes
3. Dining Table
4. Washing machine + Dryer
5. Fridge
6. Electricals – TV, Music System
Medium or Large, both types of trucks can accommodate this stuff. You need to consider the number of extra items and boxes. Again, consider a truck with a tail lift, it makes it lifting and loading trucks really easy.
Size: Our medium sized trucks are between 14-16 cubic meters cargo area and average 4.2m long, 2.0m high, 1.8m wide and are available in most locations.
-> 1 Bedroom House
1. 1 Queen or King Size Beds + Kids bed
2. 3 Wardrobes
3. Dining Table
4. Washing machine + Dryer
5. Fridge
6. Electricals – TV, Music System
Pick a small truck or even a large Cargo Van is good if you just have one bed with just a little bit extra furniture. One even without a tail lift should work if you don’t have many heavy items. You can hire a moving kit with a trolley to load and unload stuff.
Size: The smallest of our trucks is between 10-12 cubic meters and average 3.16m long, 1.94 high, 1.70 wide and is available in most locations.

Question 2. Adding an additional driver? Do we charge anything extra?

No, we don’t. 🙂 

Question 3. I want to move from Wellington to Christchurch. Can your trucks go on a ferry?

Yes of course, most of our trucks can go on a ferry.

Questions 4. I need to move from Wellington to Auckland. Do you do one way hires? 

Unfortunately we don’t do one-way hire. If you hire from one location you would have to return the vehicle to the same location.

Question 5. Do you provide trucks with automatic transmission?

Yes. We have a limited number of Vans and Trucks available. Bookings are essential.

Question 6. How much weight can a tail lift can lift?

Tail lifts are automatic lifter at the back of the truck and can lift up to 400 kgs. Most of our Large, Medium and Small truck come with a tail lift.

Question 7. Is the stuff we put inside the rental truck insured?

No, only the vehicle comes with standard insurance and goods inside are protected.

Question 8. Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes, we do. We have a 24 to 48 hours cancellation policy.

Question 9. How long does it take to process the bond refund?

It usually takes 4 to 5 business working days. If you drop the vehicle after hours we process the refund on the next business working day.

Question 10. Do you provide a driver to drive the vehicle?

No, we don’t provide drivers, you would have to drive the vehicle yourself or arrange for someone who can drive. We do take additional driver details but we don’t charge anything extra for adding another driver.

Question 11. Do provide moving blankets or moving boxes?

Yes, we do provide moving supplies that include moving blankets, tie downs, specialist trolley that can be used on stairs, regular trolleys, moving boxes, moving crates and all kind of other moving supplies. Check out our moving supplies page to know more.

Question 12. Are your vehicles insured?

  1. Yes, our vehicles come insured with a standard excess of $3000. We also provide our customer options to reduce excess such as below.
    1. $20 to reduce excess to $1250
    2. $35 to reduce to $500
    3. $60 to reduce excess to zero

If you still have questions, speak to one of our vehicle experts – Call at 0800 47 48 49 or email us at [email protected]

At Handy, we have an extensive variety of fleet to suit your moving needs. Most of our vehicles have a tail lift option, backing cameras, modern stereos. We take pride in our customer service and vehicles, just take a look at our reviews here.

Happy Moving!