Handy Tips To Make Moving Easy

05 August 2020

To begin with, moving a house is not a one day task, it’s not even a week’s task. It depends on the size of your house and amount of stuff you have to move. So everything has to be thought precisely, else for many days in your new house you will end up wasting hours in looking for stuff you may need.

We have talked about the initial steps one needs to consider before a move in our previous blog ‘Planning a house move’, there we have talked about a moving calendar which is essential to keep track of the entire moving activity. With so much to handle it is very easy to forget things along the line, then this calendar can help you plan things and if things change reschedule things as you desire.

1. Create a Moving Budget

We have a visual budgeting template available for you to print, we recommend using this to create your moving budget. Budgeting is also necessary to prioritize things such as critical expenses versus non-critical.

We can also list the necessary purchases for the new house and budget for them accordingly. Once you have everything listed you would have clarity if you can hire a professional company for moving or how much budget you have for moving supplies and things like that.

2. Purge stuff that you don’t need

All of us would agree that we buy a lot of stuff that soon resides in our wardrobes for ages and never gets used. But we still hold on to it waiting for one day when we would flaunt that item and that day never comes.

Take a call and sort things out, even discuss with your family and kids as to what toys, books, clothes, bags, etc can be donated. This is the perfect time when you can do this and make things more sorted, clean, and simple. Make a decent effort at decluttering as you will have an easier move and a nicer less cluttered new home.

3. Take pictures of your electronics before you unplug

Before you disconnect your electronics take a photo of how they are set up. This is particularly important if you aren’t good with technology and will save you the money you would have spent on calling someone out.

4. Put hanging clothes in rubbish bags

Keep all of the clothes on their hangers and simply wrap them up in a rubbish bag. It’s a good idea to tape or cable tie the top of the coat hanger so it stays together. Remember to label everyone’s stuff!

5. Pack a first-night bag

When you get to the other side the last thing you’re going to want to do is look through numerous boxes to find your toothbrush. Pack everything you need for the first night in your new home in a bag. This can be from snacks, clothes, toiletries, and anything else you might want to access easily.

6. Keep contents inside your drawers

You do not need to unpack your drawers with clothes and other things in them. Simply remove the drawers with the stuff in and transport each drawer and then the framing separately. This will save your lot of time back in new home!

7. Don’t Mix Items From Different Rooms

This one might be obvious but people still end up mixing things. Keeping every rooms items separate will save you a major headache when you trying to find something.

8. Keep Screws & Bolts Organized

If you have any furniture that needs to be dismantled. Remember to organize the screws and bolts. The best way to do it is with little zip lock bags, you can then label them and use a tape to stick them to respective electronics so you don’t have to look through bags later.

9. Cut holes in sides of boxes for easy lifting

Using a box-cutter to cut triangle-shaped holes on either side of your heavier boxes. This will make them easier to lift and move quickly.

10. Use Plastic Storage Bins For Seasonal Items

There is no point in dragging seasonal clothes on racks with you as this is just a waste of time. Store them in plastic bins and label them. This way you can put them away and bring them out when the seasons change.

11. Use Blankets and Pillows for fragiles

You don’t need as much packaging material as you think! There are all sorts of soft things that you have around your house. Use this to wrap up fragile items such as TVs, computers, and anything else that may break easily. This is also Environmentally friendly.

12. Color-code Your Labels

Black and white labels at a glance are hard to decipher. If each room has an allocated colour it will be much easier to organise the boxes together, not only in the moving truck but also in your new home when you arrive. This means your helpers will know where to put things.

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