Planning a House Move

05 August 2020

Moving to a new house sounds absolutely amazing in the beginning, however the moving process is a headache for many of us. No matter how many YouTube videos we watch or blogs we read, there will still be many things we would realize in the end we could have done better.

So how do you make sure you have it cracked all right?

Well, there is no straight science on that. There are thousands of moving tips we can share but it all depends on how feasible and time consuming they are. But first things first, a better plan with enough time giving room to change and redo things is certainly going to help. Below are a few steps we suggest that can get you right on track.

1. Decide if you want to DIY or Hire a moving company

Most of us kiwis have a great passion for DIYs and home renovations. We love to make our own houses, fix things around and bring in new ideas and technology to make our house look amazing. Then why not move ourselves?

Moreover, it saves a lot of money by moving stuff on your own. Completing the move yourself will cost at least 50% less than using professional movers. It is still advisable to hire professionals if you are moving from one country to another or even interstate at times. And it might save you a lot of driving hassle if the terrain is a bit tricky, but it only makes sense if you don’t have any budget constraints.

2. Plan, Plan and Plan

The more effective your plan is the less painful your experience will be. Start with setting up a moving calendar like one below. Don’t do too many tasks in a day and keep room for changes or reschules. Delegate as much as possible. The desire of doing everything yourself to ensure we have exactly what we want can lead us into many unfinished tasks at hand. Don’t stress yourself. Nonetheless, your kids are a good resource, they are good at googling things, finding innovative ways of doing things, this might be an opportunity for you to give them a hands on training on a lot of things.

3. Plan the placement in your new house

Most of us are so engaged in sorting our stuff and packaging that we forget about how we are going to set things up in the new house. We don’t have the pictures of the new house and it becomes hard to imagine what to place where in the new house after the move.

One good way of doing that is to take enough close pictures of every nook and corner of the house and even a couple of videos so when you are at home you can see it on a big screen with family. Also, together with family create little blueprints of how each member wants to set up their own space. This will come real handy when you are standing amid of all stuff in the new house.

4. Mission Packaging and Boxing

Here’s a dedicated blog that talks about several moving house packaging tips. We have covered an extensive list of items covering your kitchen, bathroom, living room, kids’ room to bedrooms detailing how to pack and label items.

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