How to avoid making these common moving mistakes.

10 November 2021

You will move home on an average of 10 times in your lift time, this varies from local moves to cross country moves even to international. There is a good chance you have moved before and there is also a good chance you may have made one of these mistakes.

Moving a house is always a challenge, there are so many moving parts to be considered. Moving trucks, moving boxes, moving labour and the rest… If you know about these common mistakes you are one step closer to a less stressful move. Let us talk you through the common mistakes that are made when moving.

Making a Booking.

We recommend that you make your booking well in advance, as soon as you know your moving dates we recommend making the booking. This is especially important if you are moving at the weekend. It is important to choose the right kind of vehicle, you can read about what kind of vehicle is right for you here. We recommend avoiding the weekend rush if at all possible bookings during the week allow a bit more margin for error and flexibility at the last minute.

Packing your belongings

A common mistake people make is not planning ahead when it comes to packing up their house. Too many people wait until the last minute to start packing, but when you start packing you will quickly realise that you have a lot more stuff than you first thought. We recommend starting packing a month or two out from your move date, start packing things that you don’t use often. This will save you vital time when it comes to d-day! Handy Rentals has eco friendly reusable crates available for hire which we recommend you use as they come with a Handy dolley which makes moving them around a breeze. If you want a more conventional packing method we also sell boxes and packaging kits which can all be seen here.

No Unmarked Boxes!

Make sure you mark EVERY single box, when you have hundreds of boxes finding the one you need for your bedroom becomes impossible if not marked. Simple list what room/who the box belongs to so when the truck is being unpacked on the other side the unpackers know where to put it down. This saves tonnes of time! 

Pack an Overnight bag

Too many people forget to pack a bag filled with essentials to get you through the first day/night of being at your new place, you’re going to be tired and not thinking straight. Make sure you have a bag with fresh clothes, toothbrush, phone charger, snacks and any other essentials you may need such as medication etc.. This will be your lifeline for the first night.

Common Mistakes of Loading & Unloading Trucks

Make sure you get reliable help, friends are good and all but sometimes they can be a bit flakey when it comes to moving. Make sure you grab helpers who are either being paid in beers and food or actual money.. It is important to have reliable help for your back’s sake… If you are unable to find such help Handy can give you some Handy Movers to help, find out more here…

Loading the wrong items first: Make sure you load the big items first, we recommend beds followed by fridges, cabinets and couches then you can fit all the smaller things in and around the big stuff. Too many times people are unable to fit bigger items in due to not putting the bigger items in first. 

Unloading too Hastily: Once you get there all you want to do is get your stuff out and in, just make sure you take your time and put things where they need to go this will ensure you are not double handling things and make it far easier to unpack!

Try to remember these tips!

Knowing these things is halfway to avoiding doing them, just keep these things in mind and make sure you check out our other blogs on how to make your move easy.