How to Plan and Execute the Perfect House Move:

15 March 2022

When it comes to moving house there are a number of things that can go wrong if not planned for correctly. However if you follow these steps, it will ensure you have an easy move. In this guide we will be talking about how to work out how much stuff you have, decluttering, the size of vehicle you might need as well as how to deal with fragile items plus the actual operation of the move itself! The tips in this guide are not hard and fast rules to follow but give you insights you may want to apply to your move.

So really… how much stuff do you have?

Far too often we ask people: ‘how much stuff do you have?’ to which they respond: ‘ah yeah not much’. We all know that classic line when a friend asks you to help them move… When it comes to asking about how much stuff we have, we tend to ask… how many bedrooms does your house have, as it can be hard to work out ‘how much stuff you have’. Now, bedrooms can vary in the amount of stuff they have in them, the size they are etc..Just keep in mind how many bedrooms you are trying to move + how many big items are in each of those rooms, as it is the big items that take up the most space in the vehicle. This will be important when selecting the size of vehicle you need, it is also important you take into account if you have a garage or big shed with stuff in it to move, it’s probably worth considering the garage as another bedroom when planning the truck size.

Now you know how much stuff you have… it’s time to get rid of some of it.

Most people after REALLY checking the amount of stuff they need to move will be feeling quite overwhelmed at this point.. However there is a really easy way to alleviate some of the stress, amongst your items there will be some things that you either never use or realistically cannot fit into your new place + maybe it’s time for an upgrade? There are two main types of things to get rid of. The first one is the little bits of clutter that you collect and just throw in a cupboard. This stuff takes spaces in boxes and if you aren’t ever going to use it why keep it? Either put it in the donate or dump pile! The second type of thing is bulky furniture such as excess couches, tables and other furniture. Ask yourself, do I really need this in my new house? If not, call the salvation army to come and pick it up, they offer a free collection service. 

What size moving truck or van do I need?

Now the real question is what size truck do you need to fit all of your stuff? Handy Rentals makes it very easy and we list the average bedrooms each truck or van will take. If you are moving at least 1 bedroom worth of stuff, which you probably are because you are reading this blog, you will need at least a Large Cargo Van (10 cubic meters). A slightly better option for a one bedroom home is a Small Truck (9 to 12 cubic meters), these have the option of coming with a hydraulic tail lifter (as do all of our trucks). 2 Bedroom homes we recommend a Medium Truck (13 to 16m3). Large Trucks (17 to 20m3) are recommended for a 3 bedroom home and anything bigger we recommend an Extra Large Truck (21 to 25m3). All of these trucks can be rented from Handy and driven on a standard car license. If you are still unsure about what truck you need give our friendly team a call on 0800 47 48 49.

Moving trucks and moving van for hire

Booking the truck:

If you have taken the time to act on the advice given above, booking the truck should be very straight forward. There are a couple of ways that you can book a truck, both are simple and easy. The first and easiest way to do it is to book online, simply select your dates and times and it will automatically show you the available vehicles, select the vehicle you want, add your extras and send through the booking! If technology isn’t really your thing you can call our free phone number on 0800 47 48 49 and let our expert team take care of the booking. We recommend booking the vehicle at least a week in advance, but to be sure to get the vehicle, dates and times you want we recommend you book it as soon as possible. Handy Rentals offers insurance reduction options to reduce our standard excess in the event of an accident, we recommend you look at these on our insurance and coverages page on the website.

The day before the move:

Everything none essential should already be packed up, you should pack the rest of your items up that you don’t need for that day and the day of the move, this is also a good time to pack a bag for the day of the move, have snacks, water, cloths and any other necessities you’ll need right away in the new place. The day before the move you should also move all of your stuff to an easy location like a garage or near the front of the house, so when the truck arrives you can quickly and effectively load the truck.

The day of the move:

All of your furniture and belongings should be near the front of the house/in an easy place to load, so you can simply go get the truck and the extras and start loading it up. We have a guide for how to effectively load a truck here. Take your time and don’t be a hero and remember to lift with your back and utilize the tail lifter if you have a truck fitted with one.

After the move:

Once you have unloaded the house, simply bring the truck back and the Handy team will take care of the rest… It’s time to relax and unpack! If you followed these steps you should be in your new home with a relatively stress free move.