Benefits of Using our Eco Crates vs Cardboard Boxes

13 April 2022

When it comes to moving house there are many options to store and move your items. Cardboard boxes are a solid option, but they wont give you the protection, stacking versatility, move ability and ease of use that a reusable plastic eco crates can offer. These crates are really second to none when it comes to moving!

Protecting Your Items

When moving house making sure your items are protected is vitally important and a top priority for most people. Cardboard boxes offer little protection to falling over in a truck or people dropping heavier items on your boxes. Our plastic containers offer a sturdy storage solution for both before the move, during the move and after the move. They are made out of a study plastic and can be sealed at the top to protect your items from the elements.

Easy Stacking and Storage

Our moving crates offer a very simple and easy solution to storing and stacking your items within these boxes. They easily stack on top of each other for when you are storing them ready to move and for when you load them into the moving truck. They stack on top of each other and next to each other with ease. Whereas cardboard boxes can often break and buckle under their own weight, you have absolutely no chance of that happening with our reusable moving crates.

Easy to Move and Transport

Unlike their cardboard counterparts these crates are super easy to move around. They stack up to stacks of 15 when they are empty and sit on top of our dolly skate. Which has brakes and wheels, so you can easily move the empty crates around. The dolly skate also doubles up as a trolly when the boxes are full. You can stack them 3 high full of items and easily wheel them to and from the truck, without breaking your back! Depending on how many crates you hire you will be given multiple dollys.

Easy Pickup and Drop off Solutions

When you hire the eco crates through Handy Rentals Wellington, we offer a pickup and drop off service for these crates. You can get different sizes/amounts of crates depending on the size of your move. You can hire from 15 crates all the way up to 45 crates. 45 is the number that our experts calculated that you will need to satisfy those big 4 and 5 bedroom house moves! Just book the crates before the move and we will bring them to you when you need them, then pick them up from your new place (provided its in the same region).

Want to hire moving crates?
If you wish to hire moving crates, you can do so when booking a vehicle online, just add them as an optional extra. Or if you need them for a longer period of time give us a call on 0800 47 48 49 or email [email protected]. You will find all of our pricing information here.