How To Save Money on Your Next Move

24 July 2023

Let’s embrace the Kiwi spirit of saving while moving!

We understand that moving can be pricey, but fear not, we’ve got some nifty tricks to keep your wallet happy without compromising on a smooth move.


  1. Opt for Off-Peak Days: Consider moving from Sunday to Thursday when demand for moving trucks is lower. You’ll enjoy more flexible times and a wider selection of vehicles with Handy Rentals’ flexible scheduling, even if the location is closed on slower days.
  2. Master the Art of Loading: Properly filling up your Handy Rentals truck is crucial to maximize space and avoid unnecessary expenses. Secure delicate items using straps and bungee cords, place big and heavy items against the front wall, and evenly distribute weight from side to side. Fill up the remaining spaces with smaller boxes to utilize every corner efficiently.
  3. Plan Ahead: Save money by planning your move in advance. Reserving equipment ahead of time typically leads to lower rates. Don’t forget to ask your friends for help in advance, and you can treat them to a delicious dinner, like pizza or tacos, as a token of appreciation for their assistance.
  4. Frugal Moving Supplies: Moving supplies can add up, but fear not! Handy Rentals offers cost-effective solutions, including reusable plastic Handy Crates, moving dollies, and a range of packing materials. Plus, we have a handy Moving Supply Calculator to help you estimate costs and conveniently order supplies from our website.
  5. Quality Over Quantity: Remember, it’s about quality, not quantity. Our versatile fleet includes small trucks with tail lifters, vans for smaller moves, and large trucks for bigger moves, all designed to suit your specific needs.
family moving into their new home.

Get ready for moving day with these savvy tips and enjoy a cost-effective and stress-free journey to your new home. For more money-saving ideas, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!