Top 5 Tips For Moving An Office

13 June 2023

Moving Office Soon?

So you have finally scored the office that your company needs, but before you celebrate your new office you need to move there first! Not sure how to get going with the mission here are our top 5 office moving tips.

1. Plan the Office Move
This may seem like an obvious step in the move however lots of people don’t take the time to plan out the logistical operation and often lots of things are overlooked and have to be dealt with last minute. Start by doing these things:

  • Make sure you delegate responsibilities and tasks to specific team members and ensure that everyone knows what their job is.
  • Take an inventory of all the items you have in the office and decide what you do need to move to the new office and what can be given away/sold.
  • Decide where items are going before moving day, this helps putting the items in the right place in the new office.
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2. Moving and Packaging Supplies
When you are packing up the office buying/renting the right items for your move is essential. Here is what we recommend to use:

  • Handy Moving Crates: In lots of our location we can rent you our reusable plastic moving crates which are a great and durable box to move ALL items. The crates also come with a moving dolly on which you can stack 3 loaded boxes and move.
  • Moving Boxes and Packaging Supplies: If you have bigger things to move one of our sizes of cardboard box could be useful, make sure you grab some bubble wrap, marker pens and packing paper. All of these things will help ensure items do not get damaged in transit.

Handy Moving Kits: We can supply blankets, tie downs and moving trolleys for the day of the move and we highly recommend this, especially if you have computers, monitors or other sensitive equipment that you don’t want damaged.

3. Hiring the right vehicle.
With every move it is wise to get a moving vehicle. The size of that vehicle all depends on what you are trying to move, how far it’s going and how much stuff you have.

  • We recommend getting in touch with one of our friendly team so they can advise you on what vehicle is right for your specific situation.
  • As a general rule of thumb most small to medium offices will use a small to medium truck and larger offices will use the large and extra large trucks.

4. Hiring Moving Labour
Sometimes jobs can be so huge that your team alone cannot get the move done efficiently. Its sometimes a good idea to hire some moving labour to help with the move, now depending on what you need there is a few options for you.

  • Use local students to move, you can always hire students or people looking for quick one off jobs on student job search.
  • Hire a professional company’s moving labour to help you move, the moving companies often come at a higher cost and sometimes will provide their own vehicle.

5. Handy Business Accounts
As a business you may be eligible to be on a Handy Business account which means a few things for you:

  • Special hire rates: As a company you get sharper rates which none business customers do not have access too
  • Tailored Experience: You will get an excellent tailored experience, one point of contact and easy bookings.
  • Easy for your team: When you are a company we try to make it as easy as possible for your team to do business with us. We can take payments remotely, keep drivers details on file and many other little perks.
  • Simple Billing: In most cases we can take care of the billing in an easy an efficient way, you know what it will cost and when you will be charged.

So make sure if you are moving offices you take the time to plan the move, and if you do need any help or advice you can call our friendly team on 0800 47 48 49.