How To Use a Slide Under Tail Lifter Truck EASILY

25 January 2023

When it comes to using a box truck and all of its features it can be quite tricky to understand how to use the different types of tail lifters that they come with. In today’s blog we will explore how exactly to use one of our slide under tail lifters, so when it comes to the move you are all ready to go!

Here is the full video tutorial on how to do it, or if you prefer to read, continue below!

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1) Using the lifter is very easy, to begin with simply pull up the handles and pull the lifter all the way out watching that you aren’t lifting with your back. The tail lifter will click into place and the handles will again go horizontally

Pulling out a slide away tail lifter on a box truck.

2) On the side of the truck you will find two buttons.. One for up and one for down. To get the lifter down, simply press the down button until the lifter reaches the ground. You may want to flip out the ramp if you are sitting on uneven terrain.

Using the up and down buttons on a box body moving truck to operate the tail gate

3) Open up the doors all the way by using the main latch on one of the doors and then the secondary latch for the second door which is located on the inside edge of the other door. It will be like a little flipper, simple press this and the other door will come free.

Don’t worry if it’s windy or you are on a hill, the doors and box come fitted with a latch so you can secure the doors and not have to worry about them moving around, we recommend doing this every time you are loading or unloading the truck.

Opening the box truck rear doors to load the small moving truck

4) Load your items onto the lifter, we recommend using the flip out ramp so you can easily load things on and off the lift. If your items aren’t secure on your own most lifts are fitted with a safety bar, which flips up at the end of the lifter to stop items rolling off the tail lift. Deploy this to avoid damaging any of your items.

Handy rentals staff member using the tail lifter on a small moving truck

5) Push the up button to raise the lifter up to the level of the deck. You will notice on the above image the yellow height setter bar, this sets the height when putting the lifter away. Flipping this yellow height setter will allow the tail lifter to get all the way flush with the deck level, do not do this when the doors are shut else you will damage the bottom of the doors.

See the instruction guide below to get the full info on the height setting bar.

Fully loaded small box truck with a tail lifter for moving house

6) Load all your items into the back of the truck and ensure they are secure. You can use our moving kits that come with tie downs and furniture blankets to achieve this. Make sure the doors are locked up and secure and you are ready to set off! We recommend if you are using the lifter repeatedly, to leave the engine running as it does run off the battery power of the truck.

The image below is the technical operation guide for this tail lifter which we have designed to make the operation much easier!

Small truck with tail lifter technical operation manual.

Plan your perfect move with our FREE moving guide: Download it here