Top 5 Reasons to use a Box Truck.

14 November 2022

There are clearly some obvious uses to move a box truck, they are great vehicles that can serve many purposes. However there could be some reasons that you hadn’t even thought of yet. Not all of these will be relevant to you but if you know someone that could get use out of a Handy Box truck, forward them this!

1. Moving House

Let’s start with the obvious one here, moving house is the number one use of Handy Rentals trucks, with our fleet of varying sizes it makes it really easy to move any size home in a box truck. Whether it’s moving across the country or across your town/city, these trucks are great for the job.

Small truck fully loaded with household items

2. Work Truck out for Repairs

The second best reason to use one of our box trucks is if you have a work vehicle that is out of action for repairs or service. Vehicles regardless of how well you look after them always need a service or the occasional repair, when the vehicle is out of action you are going to want to continue doing work so why not get a truck that fits your needs? 

Man changing truck tyre and brakes

3. Office Relocation

Sometimes you may need to move office furniture or a whole office for work. Getting in moving contractors can be quite pricey, so if you have a fit team why not get the job done yourself and save on cost? Our range of trucks is perfect for this type of move.

Two guys loading a truck with office furniture

4. Bike/Vehicle Moving

Believe it or not our trucks are able to move a motorbike or light 4 wheeler, and our tail lifters will even lift them (provided they are no larger than 500kg). This is quite a popular thing that is done with box trucks, due to the ease of operation and not having to tow a trailer. You can easily tie them down and cover them in moving blankets to protect them too. The box truck is an all in one moving solution.

Rear picture of box truck

5. Band/Music Event Use

Lots of local bands and music groups utilize our box trucks to move all sorts of musical equipment, you can carry everything you need in them to put on a show or move your band, including 3 people! Groups like Wellington Brass Band utilize these trucks to put on shows all around the region just to name one. With our tail lifters and moving kits to protect your items this is a great solution for moving musical equipment and instruments.

Moving band equipment

But this is not all..

There are many more uses that you can find for a box truck outside of the ones we have mentioned. There are pretty much endless possibilities for what can be done with these vehicles, with some even being converted into camper trucks… how cool! If you find a cool use for one of these trucks make sure to email it to us – [email protected] we would be delighted to see and share!

And if you need to use a truck for one of these things or something else, please get in touch by calling 0800 47 48 49 or book it online.