Moving House – Tips for Packing Smart

02 September 2020

Don’t spend a lot of money on expensive moving supplies. There are a myriad of items in your home that can be used for packing stuff.

Garbage Bags – DIY Vacuum Pack

Remember the garbage bag vacuum challenge on YouTube. Save space by using a vacuum cleaner and using garbage bags for packing cheap.

Use Toothpicks instead of a tape dispenser

It’s the most annoying task when you spend time finding the ends while peeling the tape. It’s a killer when there is a time crunch. Use a toothpick instead and save yourself from trouble.

Use socks for packing wine glasses and kitchenware

Why waste loads of money on bubble wraps when dozens of socks available at home for free can do the job so easily. They slip around wine glasses smoothly and would protect the delicate ends.

Pillow Covers for your dishes

Most of us have this in abundance in our linen closet, rather than using expensive packing papers or newspapers, consider using these. Unless, it’s too much of a bumpy ride it should protect the items, else sheets or Tshirts can also be used to provide enough padding between dishes.

Easily Lift boxes without Trolleys

Consider using a trolley to move heavy items. But if you are up for some weightlifting, make a horizontal and vertical cut and fold them inside. Tada! Now you can easily carry the boxes without any trouble. Girls – you wont break your beautiful nails. 🙂

Use a Tape to Write On

Why to buy several tapes with labels when you can write on a craft paper tape and label it in your own way. Give this job to kids and they would enjoy doing this with colored marker pens they already have. Set free the artist in them.

Still need a packaging kit – rent one. Most vehicle rental companies or storage companies around Wellington also offer to rent a moving and packing kit that includes all basic materials you would need to pack stuff.

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