Setting Up Your New Home – Smart Space Utilization

02 September 2020

When moving to a new house we all have brilliant ideas in mind and a chance of redoing everything makes us overwhelmed. One immediate struggle is to let go off that stuff you know won’t fit into your idea of a new home. 

One way to deal with this is to plan things in advance, visit the new home thoroughly, take pictures of every nook and corner and come back and sit together with family to discuss how every space can be utilized. Maximizing the space utilization should be the key goal.

Then ditch everything that you know would just give you a headache in your new dream space.

Here are few brilliant smart space utilization ideas that can help.

Ditch big dining tables

The bigger the dining, the more clutter they invite. Consider a round shaped small breakfast table instead. They are equally good even for dinner. Make wise use of the corners, set up a seating space which can also be used as a dining area when needed. Or you can add up a really innovative style by building an open kitchen space with a hidden kitchen bench.

Use walls wisely

Use wall sconces to save floor space, wall mounted study tables, wall mounted night stands all help to breathe in more floor space in your house. Murphy beds are amazing for kids room as they can be folded for kids to play during the day.

One thing to serve multiple purpose

Think of one item and multiple uses – a table can function as dining plus a work table, a wardrobe with a desk, a bed that can be used as a sofa in living and can be converted to a bed to use your living room for guests. Also, a living room that can serve as home office is much needed these days.

Hang it all

Arranging wardrobes is always a headache. It is even a bigger problem when you have to fittin the stuff of two in one. Have a lot of hanging space and hang it all. You can use s-hooks to hand in many jeans. The benefit – you find things easily, you can decide quickly what to wear, reduce on your attire deciding time. Make good use of doors, a door shoe hanger is easily available online and is cheap.

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