Vehicle Subscriptions an Alternative to Buying/Leasing

05 June 2024

So What Is The Deal With Vehicle Subscriptions vs Buying and Leasing?

When it comes to choosing a fleet solution, the right choice can quickly improve your business’s flexibility and cost-effectiveness. That’s why we’re delivering a new kind of solution to meet the needs of our customers – vehicle subscriptions.

Whether you need a vehicle for a new contract or want to try it out before you buy, vehicle subscriptions are a flexible alternative to buying and leasing. In this blog, we’ll be answering all your questions. If you decide if it’s the right solution for your business, all you need to do is find the perfect vehicle!

What Is a Vehicle Subscription Service?

It’s not quite a rental, but it’s not quite leasing either. So what is a vehicle subscription, exactly? A vehicle subscription offers similar benefits as leasing or renting – everything is packaged into your weekly subscription fee but you don’t have any of the locked-in contracts. There’s just a lot more flexibility. Plus it takes the hassle out of buying a vehicle outright or managing finance repayments.

For example, a subscription makes sense if you need to get on the road fast and you want to be flexible with the length of time you need the vehicle. Just commit to a minimum of 30 days, and make the weekly payments. 

That’s it! Seriously, it really is that easy. Subscriptions are a stress-free solution to get the vehicles you need. 

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How Does Subscribing a Vehicle Compare to Leasing or Buying?

Let’s take a look at the key differences between each business fleet solution below.

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Leasing a vehicle for business use

There’s generally a longer hire period required with leasing. At Handy Rentals, we have unique short term leases of 6 months up to 2 years (and sometimes longer). As your fleet management company, we’ll still own the vehicle and charge you a reasonable fee for using it. We take care of everything (except excess fuel and tolls). The price is all bundled up into one monthly payment. Then, once the lease agreement has finished its term, you return the vehicle.

Leasing suits businesses that:

  • Want to free up cash for other parts of the business
  • Don’t want to buy a vehicle outright
  • Want the flexibility to regularly update their fleet
  • Need a vehicle for a longer term without the hassle of buying
  • Prefer fleet admin taken care of
  • Are ready to trade in or upgrade vehicles after 6 months to two years
  • Want to drive vehicles with the latest technology

Buying a vehicle for business use

Buying a vehicle outright, or even financing is a big commitment. You’re in charge of maintenance and keeping on top of the paperwork. But when you own a vehicle there are no more repayments to make. It also means there’s a vehicle ready to use whenever you need it. 

Buying suits businesses that:

  • Want to keep control of the vehicle so they decide the length of ownership
  • Need custom vehicle upfits or modifications
  • Don’t want to make repayments to a fleet management company
  • Can handle all their fleet admin requirements
  • Want to get money back after disposal
  • Have the finances to outlay the initial deposit and the cost is on par with leasing

Vehicle subscription for businesses

A vehicle subscription is a perfect option for businesses that want the flexibility of short term access to vehicles, with the ability to switch as required. For instance, if a small van is usually needed but they suddenly experience a busier period. If this happens they can easily switch to a bigger vehicle to meet their needs.

Vehicle subscription suits businesses that:

  • Have frequently changing fleet requirements
  • Don’t want to buy a vehicle outright
  • Want a fleet management company to handle everything
  • Are experiencing cash flow fluctuations
  • Want a vehicle without getting locked into a lease
  • Need vehicles for a short term contract
  • Find weekly payments simple and easy
  • Want the convenience of a commercial vehicle, without the commitment
  • Need vehicles that all staff can drive

Is It Time Your Business Got a Vehicle Subscription?

We’ve found businesses enjoy signing up for a subscription as a flexible alternative to owning and leasing. For example, if the business is expected to expand, your fleet requirements may change rapidly. In this case, buying or getting tied into a longer lease might not suit. These are all factors to consider when making your decision. But each business has its unique requirements. These must be considered when making a final decision.



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Handy Rentals Vehicle Subscriptions – Your Flexible Alternative to Owning and Leasing

Let’s take a more detailed look at our Handy subscription service.

Flexible contracts and weekly payments

With a subscription, you’re not locked into a lengthy lease contract. Our minimum subscription period is only 30 days. Choose your desired length of contract, and pay one flat weekly subscription fee. And if you need to cancel before the contract finishes, there’s no stress because you can do so anytime after 30 days.

Switching vehicles

Things change, we get it. That’s why there’s also the option to switch vehicles during your subscription to move with your changing business needs.

What’s included?

Weekly payments include vehicle maintenance, roadside assistance, insurance and registration. All subscription plans come with at least 50 free kms per day (just pay for excess fuel and tolls). You can also register more drivers at no extra cost.

Selection of modern vans and trucks fit for purpose

Our modern fleet of vehicles come in varying layouts, with Bluetooth speakers, reversing cameras, automatic transmissions, comfortable seats, air con, reliable motors and even the option to add tail lifts. This means you get to choose the right vehicle for the task.

Handy business vehicle subscription service includes:

  • Warrant of Fitness/Certificate of Fitness
  • Servicing and maintenance
  • Tyres and wheel alignments (excludes punctures)
  • Vehicle registration
  • 24/7 roadside assistance

Streamlining The Rental Process – Here’s How It Works

With Handy Rentals, the process is so simple and runs like clockwork. Plus it’s free to join with no membership fees. 

All you need to do is:

  1. Select your ideal vehicle online
  2. Choose your subscription plan (minimum 30 days)
  3. Select where and when to pick up your vehicle (from our 8 nationwide locations)
  4. Pick up your vehicle

Can My Staff Drive The Vehicles?

Our high quality trucks and vans all have automatic transmissions that can be operated with a basic car driver’s licence. To rent a vehicle from Handy, you must have a full valid New Zealand, international, or approved overseas driver’s licence. The minimum driving age is 21 years.

Handy Rentals is a great subscription service in New Zealand for small to medium enterprises at affordable rates. We can provide businesses with a quick and flexible method to access high quality commercial vehicles on short notice. 

Whether your company requires only one vehicle or an entire fleet, you can easily scale your subscription up or down based on your changing requirements. 

With Handy Rentals subscriptions, you can enjoy:

  • Competitive and reasonable prices
  • Easy subscription process
  • Great range of modern trucks and vans
  • Reliable vehicles that are economical to run
  • Friendly and considerate service
  • Accurate pricing with no sneaky charges
  • Seamless pick up and drop off
  • Quick turnaround from customer service

Interested In a Commercial Vehicle Subscription? Let Us Help!

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