What Size Vehicle Do I Need?

06 July 2022

When it comes to picking what size vehicle you need for your move it can be daunting, as sometimes you really do not know what you need. Well we are here to help and make it just that little bit easier for you. In most cases people will underestimate the amount of stuff they actually have which is why it is a great idea to really work out how much stuff you have to shift. Once you have a basic understanding of what it is you are trying to get moved it will help build a clearer picture of what size vehicle you need. But in this blog we will cover the basis of what each of our vehicles capabilities are.

Small Cargo Vans:

Our small cargo vans are perfect for all of your smaller moves, these things are wicked for moving less than 1 bedroom’s worth of stuff around, or if you have a big TV, couches or a new appliance to shift. You will get everything in there from a 1 bedroom/studio apart from a queen bed. The queen bed does not fit through the doors of a small cargo van. These things are also perfect if you have boxes to pick up or deliver. These vehicles are an average size of 6m3.

Medium Cargo Vans:

Our medium cargo vans are the same width and length as our small vans, however they have an extended roof area which allows you to get the bigger items in. This van will take a queen bed as well as many other items, it’s perfect for the slightly bigger items you may need to move. The same as the small van it is perfect for getting a new big tv or furniture/appliances. These vehicles are an average size of 7m3

Large Cargo Vans:

Our large cargo van will fit your average one bedroom home into it, they have a wide wheel base and a high top and can fit just about everything and anything in them from your one bedroom house or studio apartment. These are very popular with the couriers because of the size and the ease of operation. All our cargo vans drive just like a car. These vehicles are an average size of 10m3

Small Truck:

Just like our large cargo van, our small truck can take your average 1 bedroom home or studio apartment. The main difference between this truck and the van is the way the cargo space is presented. The trucks cargo space is a nice square shape without any wheel arches and other things to get in the way. They are generally easier to load with boxes and other household items. Some of our small trucks come with tail lifters which helps you lift the heavier items you may have in and out of the back. These vehicles are an average size of 11m3.

Medium truck for hire

Medium Truck: 

Our medium truck is slightly bigger than our small, generally they are the same width as a small one but have extra length. We recommend a medium truck for an average 2 bedroom home, it will fit all your beds, boxes, appliances and whatever else you might have to move from your home. These are a really good size truck and still very easy to drive as our trucks com fitted with reversing cameras. They have an option of coming with a tail lifter to help you lift those heavy items in and out. These vehicles are an average size of 16m3.

Large truck for hire.

Large Truck:

Like our medium truck the large one is bigger again, they are wider and a little longer than the smaller ones in the fleet. We recommend a large truck for an average 3 bedroom home, it will fit all the beds, desks, whiteware and even the kitchen sink if you wanted to take it with you. These are a really great size and still easy to drive, being automatic and coming fitted with the modern creature comforts. These trucks also have an option to come with a tail lifter for lifting all of those heavy items in and out. These vehicles are an average size of 18m3.

Extra Large Truck:

Our Extra Large Truck is the biggest on the fleet and one of the biggest you can drive on a standard car license. They are longer than the Large trucks which gives them more extra space. We recommend our XL truck for 3 to 4+ bedroom moves. It’s really useful if you have extra stuff on top of your standard house moves. These trucks are a seriously good size and fit a lot in them but at the same time are very simple to drive an operate, they also have the option of a tail lifter which you can use to lift heavier items in and out of the back. These vehicles are an average size of 22m3.

If You are Still Stuck, give our friendly team a call on 0800 47 48 49 and we can advise you from there!