4 Apartment Moving Tips & Tricks

08 May 2023

Moving Apartment Tips


There is no time like before to get rid of things that you no longer need or use. It can be hard to part with certain things. When it comes to decluttering is to ask yourself “Do I really use this or will I ever need it?” A good rule of thumb to follow is if you haven’t used it in a year you probably will never use it. Once you have decided what is coming with you, make sure that you take any items that are still usable to a local charity or sell them if they are of more value. Some good charities you can donate too are: The Salvation Army, St Vinnies and Te Omonga Hospice. You will thank your past self for getting rid of things you don’t need as this will shorten the time it takes to pack, move and unpack.

Declutter items for moving house

2. Use Innovative and Smart Packing Techniques.

When it comes to packing there are many options for boxes and storage options. All the way from banana boxes from Pak N Save, cardboard boxes that require assembly and finally the one we highly recommend: Reusable Plastic Moving Crates. While deciding how you are going to move your stuff, you need to earmark any troublesome furniture items such as large couches or fridges.

The benefits of using the plastic moving crates (which Handy can provide in certain locations):
– You can rent it for as long as you need.
– Does not need any assembly like a traditional box.

– They’re perfectly sized, they are big enough to safely store belongings but small enough to go up stairs and into doors and won’t be too heavy to lift.
– They are water resistant and therefore will keep things dry (short of being left out in a rainstorm)
– They stack up to 5 high.
– Environmentally friendly, they cause no unnecessary waste.

small box truck for rent with hireable plastic moving boxes

3. Figure out your moving strategy

When it comes to moving items, we recommend booking a truck or a van in advance, we never recommend doing the move in your car as this will likely take you multiple trips and just add unnecessary stress to the process.

Now depending on your size of apartment and how much stuff you have you may need a bigger or smaller vehicle. You can view our blog on what size vehicle you need to move house.

If you need help to move we recommend using a local facebook group to look for help or putting something up on Student Job Search and get some students who are looking for a bit of extra cash to help with the move.

Moving house

4. Enjoy your new space!

Now you have taken the correct steps to declutter, pack effectively and planned what vehicle you need to move, you can do the move stress free knowing that you are only moving what you need. Once you’ve settled the fun starts, you can begin to decorate your space and fully enjoy it!

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